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"Who's Harry?" - Mike the Mic originals* performed by:
Mike the Mic Potter; Dimitris Moudopoulos; Bjorn McAteer Dalhberg; Leroy Horns;

George "Duck" Berillo; Grant Allardynce; and the Magical Marmaladies: Hannah Miller; Ruth Skipper; and Cate Ferris.


*Track 5: written by Bjorn McAteer Dalhberg.

News: Who's Harry's Tricks...?

Who`s Harry?


Wednesday, 16th December 2015: the long awaited Harry's Tricks album was officially launched featuring Mike the Mic on guitar and vocals with Harry's Tricks and The Magical Marmaladies. 

Mike the Mic was joined by the all star six piece band including:


  • Dimitris Moudopoulos aka Mr D on the Trumpet.

  • Bjorn Mcteer Dalhberg on the clarinet/sax/bass clarinet.

  • Leroy Horns on the alto/tenor/baritone saxophones.

  • George `duck` Berrills on the double bass.

  • Grant Allardyce on the batteria. 

The Magical Maramaladies, a singing trio made up of the talented Cate Ferris, Hannah Miller (Moulettes) and Ruth Skipper (Moulettes) accompanied the band with a beautiful three-part harmony. 


Special guest Tim Wells also added to the magic on the grand piano.


On the night, each artist contributed a personal choice of musical material to start the evening off with panache. This rare performance brought together some of Brighton's most gifted jazz musicians, and accounts of the evening showed the album launch was a uniquely Brighton, comm-unity event:


"A fabulous evening.....all the musicians on great form.....wonderful too seeing All the regulars back together.....I loved the new music from the Album, what a special talent you have.... I am blessed living in a city where I can hear such great music every week...long may it continue......thank you Mike" Abela, T


"Thank you so much for all the loving support we received last night. We were so thankful that the magic could happen. Without the ears and the hearts tuning in, the energy doesn`t go round in a big wonderful loop. Its a privilege to feel a part of of such a lovely community.You all rock!" ..hope you like the album", Mike Potter

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Digital Album on emusic -

£3.78 Album,
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Live footage from the Album Launch, available also on Harry's Tricks YouTube
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